MSB National platform asked Yuriy Radzievskiy, Senior Partner of Law firm “Radzievsky and Partners” if it is easy to start your own business.

The law of Ukraine “About temporary special aspects of fulfilling state supervision (control) in business activities sphere” was signed. It provides for moratorium on conducting unscheduled audits of business till 31.12.2017.

According to the Law, unscheduled audits can be conducted in the following cases:

• having a written request from the business subject to the corresponding institutional body for conducting an audit at will;
• under the court decision;
• in case of accident or death of the crashed related to the activities of the business subject.
Besides, an unscheduled audit may take place in case of a well-pleaded claim of an individual to about braking his legal rights by some business subject and with the consent from State regulatory service.

Yuriy Radzievsky, senior partner of Law firm “Radzievsky and Partners” commented on the Memorundum:

«Before the start of the audit state regulatory service must publish the agreement to conduct these activities on its official site. Without manifesting such an agreement, conducting unscheduled supervising audits is prohibited. Business subject has a right not to let the state officials to conduct the audit unless they show the corresponding agreement”.


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