Law firm “Radzievsky and Partners” unites a team of talented lawyers specialized in different branches of law and having a rich experience in legal support of a wide variety of projects.

The law practice of our firm includes a number of activities specific to law companies operating in an international business environment. We render our services in almost all branches of law but we are specialized in such aspects as tax, corporate, financial and antimonopoly as core activities. In addition, our lawyers have a rich experience of representation of our clients’ interests in economic, administrative, common courts and courts of arbitration.

A distinguishing feature of our company is first of all our result orientation. That means we do not extend unnecessarily our service process to increase our fees; we aim to provide our clients with efficient practical advice that we are ready to implement and guarantee.

The main capital of our company is the confidence of our clients which we earn by our hard work and which we value greatly. The interests of our clients always have priority above our interests – that is the reason why people know, believe in and recommend us.

Our strategic goal is development of long-term trusting relations with each of our clients. We sincerely believe that fruitful long-term cooperation is possible only if both parties are comfortable with the arrangement. That is why we always do our best to keep our clients satisfied with our work and quality of rendered services.

In our professional activity we always follow the principles of avoidance of conflict of interest, professionalism, decency and responsibility.



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